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I am writing to advise you of the extraordinary efforts of the Mediator, Douglas Coppola, who worked diligently for over a year to guide the parties to a settlement.... This case involved complex jurisdiction, liability and damage issues, involving both domestic corporations and foreign corporations...
This settlement was achieved because of Mr. Coppola's persistence and his ability to deal with all counsel in a patient but productive manner. Without a doubt, Mr. Coppola is one of the most talented mediators I ever had the pleasure to work with.... read more

I must inform you that during the time you granted these adjournments the mediator, Mr. Douglas Coppola worked tirelessly behind the scenes to get this matter resolved. ...it was only through his constant perseverance during the next three months that the parties resolved the matter.
Mr. Coppola kept everyone engaged and moving towards resolution even at time when only he saw the potential for success.... read more

Mr. Coppola had a very steady and calm demeanor throughout. It was clear he had read our submissions in fine detail. He used them and a fine intellect to bring both sides a lot closer in numbers.
... I complemented Mr. Coppola on this being one of the best mediation jobs I have seen in over thirty years of personal injury practice. You truly have an asset having Mr. Coppola assist the court in resolving these large cases.... read more

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